Over a Decade in FinTech

We have deep expertise in:
– Forex platforms
– Crypto exchanges
– Single Page Applications
– Blockchain and Smart contracts, wallets, DApps
– Financial Data and Protocols
– Integration with top financial providers


A Team of Professionals

This is our superb technical expertise which allows us to provide highly-productive and cost-effective development. Our technology stack includes:
– Services: Web/Mobile apps, Blockchain, Cloud platforms, Machine Learning
– Programming languages: TypeScript, Python, Golang, Java, C/C++, Solidity
– Blockchain Technologies: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Stellar, Dash, Hyperledger, Corda R3
– Frontend frameworks: NodeJS, ReactJS, Angular, VueJS
– Mobile: iOS (Swift), Android (Java)
– QA automation: Selenium, Puppeteer
– Cloud: AWS, Azure, Google cloud, Docker, Kubernetes
– Design: Zeplin/Sketch, UI/UX, InVision
– Project management: Jira/Scrum

Yes, There Is a Secret Sauce

We needed a handy tool to build data-rich apps, so we’ve build our own! Our extensive experience with Python and SQL databases helped us to create Pony ORM - an open source library which condensed over 10 years of research and development. Pony ORM is an object-relational mapper - simple to use yet powerful.
– Speeds up backend development
– Open source, free, and gets traction - 30K downloads/mo
– Works great for prototyping and allows scaling with no limits



Our services

We are a one-stop custom software development company. Whether you are a well-established Wall Street company, or a startup with a disruptive idea, we speak your business language and will suggest the right technology stack.

The engagement models we offer:

Dedicated development team

A team of highly-experienced and dedicated engineers is assigned to work exclusively on your project and deliver it within specific requirements, time, and budget.

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Team extension model

We augment your in-house IT team with developers who fill existing skill gaps.

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Our expertise

Our team of highly skilled IT professionals is passionate about innovation.


Blockchain-based solutions for the highest level of business security and automation:
– Crypto exchanges (centralized and decentralized)
– Smart contracts
– DApps
– Wallets
– Public and private blockchains
– Crypto currencies
– Security token platforms


Web development

Leveraging the power of full web technologies stack we ensure the best performance and user experience for your customers. We create Single Page Applications that are:
– Highly-functioning
– Fast loading
– Mobile ready


We develop various kinds of applications including web, cloud, single-page, mobile, and integration solutions.
– Native apps for iOS and Android
– SDK development


Machine learning

We build custom AI and Machine Learning solutions. Some of the tasks that can be solved using machine intelligence:
– Marketing Personalization
– Predictions

Our technology stack

About Us

Our in-house professionals, experienced with fintech, blockchain, web, mobile and AI, can team up quickly and efficiently to accommodate the size and complexity of your project.

With our global delivery model you benefit from:

Cost savings. Dedicated teams packed with senior-level talent provides you up to 50% cost benefits compared with your domestic labor market.

Local presence. Dedicated Project Delivery managers operate from client's location, drive the onboarding process, and make sure the cross team collaboration is a breeze.

We help you save:

  • Time

    Focus on your core business, leave the coding to us. We help our customers succeed by bringing innovation.

  • Money

    We save you 50%+ compared to the cost of employment in your own country and cover all HR & employment overhead.

  • Effort

    We have a clear purpose: getting project delivered, and we know how to achieve that. We bring clarity to our common goals of understanding customer’s business needs, analyze technical requirements, review existing architecture and propose most appropriate technical solutions.

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